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Super Mario Prototype USB Stick, PAX East Okamiden Chibiterasu Plush

A Super Mario Prototype USB Stick Drive is up on eBay right now.  It’s currently at $69.99 which is a lot lower than the selling price last year. Yup, this is the same Super Mario Prototype stick from last year, except the buyer from last year is the seller this year.

Not much is written about the Super Mario USB Stick, and you won’t find info anywhere else other than what the seller says. All we know is that on the bottom right of the box is says “Promotional Goft Award 2009”. Too bad the seller didn’t take close-ups of the box.

Super Mario Prototype USB Stick Auction

Chibiterasu Plushies!
There were 300 Okamiden Chibiterasu Plushies sold at PAX East 2011. All were sold out “before evening on Friday” which means they won’t be cheap when you find one. Luckily for all the Okamiden fans out there, there are a bunch on eBay on regular auction. But they aren’t cheap…
PAX EAST 2011 Okami Okamiden Plush Chibiterasu doll #1
PAX EAST 2011 Okami Okamiden Plush Chibiterasu doll #2
Exclusive Okamiden Okami Den Plush Capcom – free ship!

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