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Super Mario Soundtracks – Rare, New, and Weird

There’s something unique about the music from each Mario game through history, and yet, each are similar in some indescribable way. I’m willing to bet that if a Mario fan was to hear a bit of music from a Mario game from the future without having been told what game it’s from, that person would guess that it’s from a Mario game. Below is a list of soundtracks from various Mario games that I’ve found on eBay. You may be surprised at some of the titles…

Super Mario World – This soundtrack is quite rare. There are a couple up on eBay at the moment, but there are times where it’s nowhere to be found!

Super Mario Galaxy (Gold Version) – This version of the soundtrack is a basic single disc.

Super Mario Galaxy (Platinum Version) – The platinum version contains two discs. The second disc contains an additional 53 tracks!

Super Mario 64 (JP) – Every region has it’s own cover for most soundtracks. This is the Japanese version of Super Mario 64.

Super Mario 64 (NA) – The North American version.

Super Mario 64 (EU) – The European version.

Super Mario Bros 3 – This is arguably one of the best games ever made for the NES.

Super Mario RPG – Here’s a title that brought fans from different areas together. A Mario RPG made by Squaresoft! I couldn’t believe it back then and… I still can’t. The soundtrack is also very rare and this one comes complete with poster and is in great shape.

Super Mario Land – The first Mario game for Gameboy! This game had very different music compared to most of the Mario games.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Club Nintendo Complete) – This version of the Super Mario Galaxy 2 soundtrack can only be obtained though Club Nintendo as a member award. This copy comes with the original Club Nintendo box and papers.

Super Mario Bros the Movie – LOL, yeah I had to put this one in…

Super Mario Compact Disco – Now many people may be wondering what this is… Well, two rappers known as the Ambassadors of Funk made a CD of Mario based music. They even made a video!

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