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Super Mario Statues, Pac Man Clock and More

There’s a couple of new Super Mario statues on eBay. One of the versions is seen on ebay quite often, but I haven’t seen there other model(Mario pointing to the left). The seller of this Super Mario Statue says that it was displayed at an EGM Show, and after that at some arcade. I’m not sure about you but unless these statues start off on auction for a low price like $0.99 or even all the way to $100, I don’t think the seller will get anywhere close to the asking price. Anyone searching for collectibles have¬† stumbled on these statues one time or another and yet, we still stumble on them to this day :). The other Super Mario Statue can be found here.

Video Game Auctions:

Official Pac-Man Quartz Clock Brand New – This clock is from 1983. You can watch Pac-Man eat the ghosts and power dots as he turns to tell the times!

Sega Cherry Coke Promo Watch

Jazwares Mega Man Vinyl Figures Set – Not the complete set but still nice to own, and you can build on this lot.

Hitman Premium Format Statue – Some of you already seen this a while back but I thought I’d list it for those who haven’t. I’m always impressed with the way Side Show Collectibles delivers with their VG statues.

Dreamcast Express Extra Promo CD – Includes Japanese games but the CD works in any region!

Soul Calibur 2 Figure Lot – I figure I’d mention this one since you’re only missing 2 figures to complete the set which can be bought for cheap, as apposed to paying $350 for the complete set.

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  • Chris
    Nov 20, 2010

    WOW!!!! I havent seen this Pac-Man clock in many years! What a LOW starting bid! BE THE BIDDER ON THIS ONE, YOU DON’T SEE THESE VERY OFTEN!!

  • Kenji
    Nov 20, 2010

    That Pac-Man clock IS pretty vintage…it’s oozing with 80s arcade madness.

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