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Super Mario World Browser Painting Framed – You Need This!

I guess if you’re truly looking for a one-of-a-kind piece for that special someone and if they happen to love Super Mario then you got it here. A beautiful pixel-art hand painting of Browser from Super Mario World. Really cool painting. The frame is also custom-made and the whole piece if quite big (22 x 22). Check it out below!

Super Mario World Pixel Art Browser Framed Hand Painted

Seller’s description:


Fans of all ages just love my video game paintings, this painting will be a sure hit – You WON’T find another one like it ANYWHERE, I guarantee you, even the frame is custom.

16 x 16
(22 x 22 framed)
Hand painted acrylic on canvas
Framed using an old frame also HANDPAINTED by me (repurposed, NOT NEW – corners show wear that I chose not to buff out as they add character and are befitting a painting in browsers castle)
Protective clear coat finish (flat on canvas, semi gloss on frame)
Ready to hang

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