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Super Mario World Musical Cookie Jars and Coin Banks, Huge Mario Hanging Plush, Store Displays

Some nice vintage Nintendo merchandise and store displays listed here and a nice group of Super Mario World ceramic musical cookie jars and coin banks all with their original boxes.

Huge Mario Hanging Plush – Mario’s nose fell off! Fear not, his nose isn’t lost. It just needs to be sewn back on.

Nintendo 64 Light Box Sign – Made for window display I assume since it’s double sided. (lit on 1 side)

Doom II Cap – Great condition

Diablo II Limited Collector’s Edition – Limited and numbered out of 70,000. This auction is for #63

Super Mario 2 / Zelda 2 Thermos

Game Boy Store Display Cabinet – Looks like it’s missing the red A and B buttons. No mention of them by the seller.

Super Mario / Zelda Pillow Case

Super Mario World musical cookie jars and coin banks with original boxes:

Princess Toadstool


Dr. Mario



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  • Calypso
    Aug 23, 2013

    That’s impressive, the complete Super Mario Musical Cookie Jar Collection right in front of our eyes. Luigi being the hardest one to find already had a bid (not surprising). Nice find Akira.

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