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Super Mario World Pepsi Poster, Nintendo Kosenjou Custom Gunman 1976 and More

I’ve got a good mix of collectibles to show you today!

First up is Mega Man The Wily Wars for the Sega Mega Drive which was submitted by our friend Juarez(Thanks!).

The Wily Wars was compilation game which consisted of Mega Man, Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3. In North America, the Genesis version was available exclusively on the Sega Channel service, which I’m sure most of you utilized right? 😉 Anyways, the game’s plot has Dr. Wily traveling back in time to defeat Mega Man in one the first three games. The games are your typical  Mega Man story; Dr.Wily unleashes his bad robots to take on the world and you have to stop them. Because this version wasn’t released in N.America, it’s a nice collectors item for Mega Man fans.

Mega Man The Wily Wars Auction

Rare Video Game Auctions:
eBay seller cableguy316 has some nice rare posters up. No bids yet on them and remember, the frame does not come with the auction.
Super Mario World – Rare Pepsi Poster – Very cool poster that’s very hard to find. The starting price is reasonable as I remember the last one that popped up on eBay ended for more. Nice poster art showing the SMW characters.
Radiant Silvergun & Ikaruga – Radiant Silvergun is considered one of the best scrolling shooters.
Goonies II Konami Vintage Video Game Poster – this one has some tears so check out the pics


Chiller NES Factory Sealed – $49
PlayStation Gamer Advisory Panel – Membership Kit“This is my member kit from being on the Sony “Gamer Advisory Panel”.  It is new and includes everything that came with the kit, except my personal membership card (which has my PSN # on it – so I can’t sell it).Sony formed the Gamer Advisory Panel in 2003.  It was Invitation-only, and only included a small number of people.It includes the portfolio, PlayStation paper, disk sleeves, a PlayStation pen, and what looks like spaces to hold memory cards in the back of the portfolio.”
Final Fantasy IX Tetra Master Card Game
Vintage Q-bert Tin Bank 1983
Rare & Complete Animal Crossing E-Reader Card Set – Check description, seller includes list.
Nintendo Kosenjyu Custom Gunman 1976 – we all know that Nintendo was a playing card(1889–1956) and a toy company(1956–1974) before the rise of their video game domination. This was a neat toy that had you point the plastic gun towards the target in the middle of the cowboy, and when triggered, the cowboy would drop. There are videos on Youtube if you want to check this out.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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  • Joseph
    Jan 30, 2011

    That Super Mario World poster is amazing!

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