Art Capcom Everything Factory Sealed Limited Edition Mega Man PAL Super Mario Bros. Super Nintendo (SNES) The Legend Of Zelda Watch 1

Super Mario World Sealed PAL Yellow Box, Majora’s Mask Adventure Set, Mega Man Art Cels

Before we get to today’s auctions I just wanted to mention that Clan of the Gray Wolf has announced their 4th annual gaming marathon for charity! This year they will be playing Super Nintendo games for 60 hours and donations are going to the V Foundation for Cancer Research. I’m also proud to say that we have taken a supporting position for bringing in donations… If anyone donates at least $100 during the marathon, they can think up a challenge (no deaths on the first level of Contra III for example) and the guys at Clan of the Gray Wolf will have about 20 minutes to take down the challenge. For every challenge taken down, VGA will donate $25 (you can imagine how this will add up). The marathon starts December 14th noon eastern time! Hope you guys can check in and donate. 😉

The first auction we have listed today was brought to our attention by Henrik. Great thanks for the message because this is a very strange auction with bids gone insane. This auction ends today so we will soon be able to see how high the final bid will be…

Super Mario World Sealed Yellow Box Edition – Is this sealed game really worth this much? I’ve seen an opened yellow box Super Mario World complete sell for about $120 so I’m forced to wonder what’s going on here. Pretty crazy.

The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Limited Adventure Set – Here’s another one sent over to us by Henrik! We’ve listed a couple of these limited sets here on VGA before but it never fails to impress…

Below you will find a list of what appear to be production art cels used in promo work and box art for several Mega Man titles. I’ve been watching these for a couple days now to see how the bids will pick up but most are quite low. All of these auctions end in a few days!

Mega Man 7 Box Art Cel

Mega Man Thumbs Up Cel

Mega Man Red Punch Cel

Mega Man Rush and Beat Cel

Mega Man Slide Cel

Mega Man Buster Cel

Mega Man Rush Flip Top and Beat Slide

Mega Man X2 Box Art Cel

Mega Man Red Jet Cel

Mega Man 6 Box Art Cel

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  • kenji
    Nov 25, 2012

    Insane find, nice one!

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