Super Metroid Official Nintendo Cardboard Standee 1994, Earthworm Jim Signed and More!

Here’s a nice rare original Super Metroid standee. When was the last time you can honestly say you saw this standee on eBay? It’s been a long time and I remember a while ago a torn Super Metroid poster went for $600+, so I won’t how much this bad boy will sell for. There’s already 6 offers on it. I wonder how many of those were serious offers.¬†Seller says:

“Up for sale is my Very Rare, Super Metroid Standee.
This is an Official Nintendo of America Standee from 1994, and was used in a Major Retail Store
to advertise the Super Metroid game coming out for Super Nintendo.

This standee is used but in Very Good to Excellent Condition, considering it’s age.
I’ve been the sole owner since I received it back in 1994.
My local Best Buy had this standee in their Video Game section, and after begging the Store Manager for it, he gave it to me. This item is what started my Video Game and Merchandise Collection of Nintendo, Mario and Zelda, etc. Under normal circumstances I would NEVER sell this, but money has been tight since I recently lost my job, so I’m hoping to find a Hardcore Collector that will give this a good home. The Standee has hardly any wear to the front, there is some light wear to the “S” at the very top, under the “M” on Metroid, and under the “She’s Back”other then that the colors are still Super Bright and Vibrant. Ever since I got this from Best Buy, it has been a display piece in my Video Game room, it has been well cared for and stands up nice and tall.
The dimensions of this standee are:
Height: 79.5 inches (6 Feet 7.5 Inches)
Width: 39 inches (3 Feet 3 Inches)
Depth: 13 inches (1 Foot 1 inch)
The back of the standee has some wear in certain spots, mainly on the cardboard pieces that hold the standee upright and from it being folded up by Best Buy before I got it.
Not noticeable unless you are planning on displaying this standee backwards.
As always please look at every picture and ask any questions you may have.

Please understand that due to this being so Rare, and the fact that I can’t find any information as to another Super Metroid standee ever selling on eBay, I have given it a high “Buy It Now” amount, but I will accept “Best Offers”, and I welcome them, as long as they are legitimate offers. I do have an auto decline for Low Ball offers that aren’t worth my time.”

Click here for Super Metroid Official Nintendo Cardboard Standee 1994

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Good luck!

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