Factory Sealed Super Nintendo (SNES)

Super Nintendo sealed SNES Game Auctions on eBay!

GOOOOOD MORNING it’s Oct 1st!! Sometimes when I’m looking for sealed games I tend to do a general search when really I should be doing an “auction only” search, that’s where the real “dealz” are at. Usually sealed games are buy it now for ridiculous prices. See this is where I disagree with value being placed on items. Yes some games do deserve to be priced high, fine. But far too often they are being listed in the thousands which is only influencing a increase in the market price. Take example and sealed SNES Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy 3. These titles fetch anywhere from $1000-$3400. I agree with the 1000 mark as a MAX value for these titles and mind you being in pristine condition, but anything more is just milking a market that’s already been milked dry. Fortunately for me I purchased my CT sealed for $500 at the time on auction. Agree or disagree, I believe sealed games shouldn’t pass the 1k mark.

Let’s GO:

Prime example of what I was talking about above. This auction, if sold for it’s REAL market value, would easily be $4000 but it doesn’t work like that. In fact I am sure this guy is losing A LOT of money by selling this collection but he needs the $$ and realizes if he puts it higher he reduces the chances of selling it. Unlike the power seller who buys and sells sealed games for profit, he doesn’t mind waiting and leaving it for a 28 day buy it now price. Regardless this is a sweet auction for a good price. I’m could be decieved and tricked that these are re-sealed so better to ask the seller.


Other sealed games:

HUGE LOT 36 FACTORY SEALED SNES & Super Nintendo System This is incredibly impressive, but there’s 6 days left. I’m sure if you’re looking for a deal you’ll still get a decent one with this auction. Has some great titles.

Secret of Evermore SNES Super Nintendo SEALED Second pic in this auction is blurry. I think the seller is trying to indicate a slight fault in this sealed SOE.

Super Nintendo SNES Controller Original Sealed Mint My all time favorite controller, not too simple yet not too complicated… just right.

MAGIC BOY New Factory Sealed SNES Nintendo Can’t say that I’ve played this game before. Maybe I should place a bid and win it, then open it and re-live some of that childhood magic hehe.

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