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Super Punch Out Pin, Nintendo Power and Final Fantasy Items

Good morning VGA readers, if you’re into Final Fantasy I have some goodies for you today. I also have some cool Nintendo Power stuff so clear your watchlist. Let’s begin:

The first auction is for a SNES Super Punch Out Pin. It was used to promote Super Punch Out, although I’m not sure if it’s from Nintendo Power as there’s no markings of it, so I am sticking to just a promotional pin. At the current price it’s a great deal, not many Super Punch Out collectibles out there. The seller doesn’t ship to Canada and makes it clear in his/her auction.

Next set of auctions are for original Final Fantasy VI merchandise. These are extremely rare but very pricey. The seller states they’re in great condition. All items from 1994. I really like the chocobo! Good thing is the seller as a “Best Offer” option so that’s always a plus:

Other Video Game Auctions:

Final Fantasy IX Moogle Pin

Final Fantasy VII Sticker Set 1996

Nintendo Power Cards

Mortal Kombat 3 Trading Cards

Nintendo Power Issue 1 for $.99

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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  • Riku
    Mar 01, 2011

    Don’t get your hopes up to high with the Kefkasdomain seller, he’s not very flexible with the best-offer. Well from my experience at least.

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