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Super Turrican 2, Vectrex Bag, Zelda Plate and Trash Can

Good Saturday afternoon VGA readers. I have some cool auctions to unload from my watch list as well as some auctions submitted by our friend Alex (Thanks buddy!).  Let’s get this party started:

The first set of auctions are submitted by Alex. They include a Zelda plate as well as the Zelda Bin/Trash can. The same seller also has vintage Super Mario and Luigi Banks which are pretty cool side by side. The price for the plate is decent considering the demand for this now. It usually jumps from 40 up to 100. I’ve even seen the plate sell alone for just $147. I think a reasonable price for the plate featured is a good $80-100. The trash can is also decently priced, although it does has it’s dings which I think drops the price from what it actually is. If you’re interested why not email the seller and work out a deal? The Mario and Luigi banks are a good price and captures the vintage charm of Nintendo.

Other Video Game Auctions :

Super Turrican 2

Vectrex Original Carrying Bag

Atari 2600 Beat’em and Eat’em – Akira’s favorite Atari game, he has two copies at home…?

Banjo – Tooie Soundtrack

Game & Watch Pinball

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Riku
    Mar 05, 2011

    You spelt Vectrex wrong :lol:, or you pressed the x by accident.

    I fixed it, but nice find 😉

  • kenji
    Mar 05, 2011

    My bad

  • Akira
    Mar 06, 2011

    Riku spells spelled spelt. I guess he lives in the UK. lol

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