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Superman – Atari Cosmos Hologram, Controllers, Plug & Play Game

In the late 70’s early 80’s, Atari was working on a hand held system that would use holograms to enhance the gameplay. The games themselves would be simple LCD games much like those that already existed at the time, but Atari claimed their 3D hologram technology would add all new depth and realism to the games. Unfortunately for Atari, the people weren’t fooled by the gimmick and word began to spread that Atari’s new game system was nothing important. Still, Atari wasn’t going to stop right then and there, and they went on to print packaging for the systems and also released advertisements.

Atari Cosmos Ad

The Cosmos was still being ignored by gamers and eventually Atari saw the light and closed the entire project down. There are only a few functioning Atari Cosmos that exist today, but every now and then the original holograms pop up for sale. Two holograms are on eBay right now; one for Superman and one for Asteroids.

Superman Atari Cosmos Hologram

Atari Cosmos Hologram – Superman

Astroids Atari Cosmos Hologram

Atari Cosmos Hologram – Asteroids

I’ve got a few more items to show today that could interest the Superman fans out there…

PS2 Superman Lot – This auction includes a Playstation 2 with a Superman skin, a wireless Superman controller, and 3 games (Superman Returns, Superman: Shadow of Apokolips, and Spider-man)

Superman Plug & Play Game – I’ve always loved the idea of these plug and play games. They’re such a mystery. I have no idea how this game plays but I’m very curious.

Superman PS2 Controller – This is a basic custom skin PS2 controller. It would make a cool and casual gift for gamer who is a fan of Superman.

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Kenji
    Mar 13, 2011

    I saw those Asteroids Holograms, too bad their priced high or else I would have bought them.

  • Riku
    Mar 13, 2011

    Not sure if the price is right but the seller had them up before at $199. The holograms are really rare, and I remember a while ago someone was selling a bunch of them for $30 each, or something like that. The seller had these holograms up for a while, took them down, and now it’s back up. Rinse and repeat I guess 🙂

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