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Sweet Jump – New Arcade App for Android (DOWNLOAD NOW!)

Hey everyone. Thought it would be nice to help my cousin out who just created her first app titled “Sweet Jump”. It’s available on the Google Play Store and if you can download it now that would be great. The physical link below:

I know she’s been working on this for the past 4 months and to be honest it looks pretty damn nice for a first app. I never realized how much work is involved in getting an app ready but seems she knows what she’s doing :). Basically it’s a fast-action platform game where you need to time your jumps in order to pass the tree branches that come from the sides. The idea is to escape a flood in the city and collect gold stars while reaching level 300.

Anyone who plays a lot of mobile apps will probably want to know what kind of achievements there are. I basically just copied and pasted what my cousin put in her store listing below.

★★ Achievements in Game Services ★★

Level 1 – 20 jumps and your reward is 50 POINTS (Sweet Cake Reward)
Level 2 – 40 jumps and your reward is 80 POINTS (Red Jewel Reward)
Level 3 – 80 jumps and your reward is 120 POINTS (Gold Star reward)
Level 4 – 150 jumps and your reward is 150 POINTS (Trophy Reward)
Level 5 – 200 jumps and your reward is 200 POINTS (Gold Badge Reward)

Hopefully you guys can support her by downloading the app and playing! Any kind reviews will be greatly appreciated. It’s the least I can ask of you guys for providing weekly auction posts LOL. Thanks everyone. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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