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Sweet Snake Figures, Grand Theft Auto Promos, Legend of Zelda Watch, and more

I’ve dug up a bunch of auctions from all corners of the world of video games and they are all ending in the next couple of days. These items are all decent finds and a couple are very… very strange. I mean, check out this first item…

Figumate Sweet Snake

Okay, so just look at this for a bit and wonder why it exists. Konami is clearly written on the top left so it’s official right? Well this kind of thing happens with known anime / video game characters. You’ll also see known characters made into “fuzzys”. So ya… Metal Gear Solid male characters made into skinny anime girls. C’mon folks, if you’re a MGS collector, you gotta get this too lol.

Figumate Sweet Snake Figures

Grand Theft Auto IV Promo Collection – This awesome set of GTAIV promo items includes a foam hand, coasters, stickers, Poker chips, licence plate, statue figure, and more. It’s a hell of a lot of items that are normally found on their own. Current bid is only $41!

Atari Glass Set – This common set of glasses are cooler than you think. I mean, think about going into your kitchen to get a drink and then suddenly, “Hell ya, Atari!” lol…

Gears of War Wallet – If you’ve been thinking of getting a gamer wallet but don’t want to attract too much attention (such as a gold and red Super Mario wallet) then check this wallet out. It’s a great look that fits a great series.

God of War III Art Book – The art of the God of War series has always been impressive. This book of art from the 3rd game actually features over 100 works of art that weren’t used for the game. It’s a great look behind the scenes.

Legend of Zelda LCD Game Watch – Back in the 80’s it seemed that making very small portable games was a big deal because they were everywhere. But, out of the many many games that were made, the Legend of Zelda game would probably be at the top of my list to get.

Mega Man / Rockman Remote Control Rush Car – This is a Japanese release of a remote controlled Rockman Rush car.

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Heidi Poe
    Apr 03, 2011

    Those sweet snake figures have always creeped me the hell out D: WHY were they made? ;_;

  • Joseph
    Apr 03, 2011

    Yeah, I was like “O.O” when I saw them. I wouldn’t buy it, no way.

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