Atari Atari 2600 Halo Limited Edition

Team Fortress 2 The Heavy Lithograph, Game Soundtracks, Texas Chainsaw Massacre Double Ender Atari 2600 and more!

I haven’t listed any video game soundtracks in a while so I did a quick search on eBay to see if there are some uncommon soundtracks out there and actually came up with some. Seller drink_you_pretty has some some nice video game soundtracks, most notably an original Secret of Mana soundtrack. Now this particular soundtrack as issued in the Squaresoft brochure back in 1994. There was a bunch of cool items in the brochure that you were able to buy including this CD. I have bid on this cd before but I always lose due to more agressive ebayers.Seems I catch a break but I guess that’s the way of life on eBay. The Secret of Mana soundtrack is really great especially if you played the game back in the 90’s. The sellers also got some other great Squaresoft soundtracks including Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy 3.

SECRET OF MANA Soundtrack CD Squaresoft
KEFKA’S DOMAIN 3 CD Final Fantasy III Soundtrack
 DK JAMZ CD Donkey Kong Soundtrack
CHRONO TRIGGER Original Sound Version CD soundtrack
FINAL FANTASY IV Original Sound Version CD soundtrack

Another cool auction is this Team Fortress 2 The Heavy Lithograph. I never played this game and it would be too late to get into it, but checking out the reviews and watching clips on youtube this is one game I wish I never missed out on. So those who loved the game will really love this limited edition TF2 lithograph. Seller says that this is sold out on the Value website.

Atari 2600 Texas Chainsaw Massacre Alternate Version – Seller says: “This is it! The Texas Chainsaw Massacre version that didn’t make it to the final game. It’s been missing for over 35 years….Until now. In this forgotten version, Leatherface can produce rainbow blocks which are used to trap his victim before slicing them up with his chainsaw. Also, this version has a two-player option in which the other player can control the shooter. The players also switch characters from time to time.The actual lost version of the Texas chainsaw massacre and the original combined into one “killer cart.” I am the actual producer of the game and the final product is incredible. Limited to an edition of 20. All signed and numbered. All are sold out except for these final two I’m putting on ebay.”

Atari TT030 Home Computer
 Vulture Attack from K-Tel for Atari 2600
 Unofficial Halo 2600 for the Atari 2600

Good luck!

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