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Tekken – Limited Statues, Figures and Game

Tekken has stood beside Street Fighter has being amongst the top fighting games in the world or years. Recently, at Comic-Con, Namco and Capcom announced that they would be releasing both a Tekken vs Street Fighter game as well as a Street Fighter vs Tekken game. The reason for two games being made instead of one if that both fighting series have very different styles (which is perhaps why they have lived shoulder to shoulder for so long). Some Street Fighter items have recently been featured here on VGA (click here for Riku’s post from July 15th), but… this will be a first for Tekken.

Life Size Kazama Statue – This is a limited promotional statue that was made for the release of Tekken 4. There are not many of these (as you can expect from the size of it) and the detail is great for this type of item. I’ve seen similar promo statues made for conventions and some are far from the quality shown here.
Kazama 1/6 Scale Sideshow Statue – Sideshow never disappoints. This animated sculpture depicts Kazama taking down… Ogre? I could be wrong (please comment if I’m mistaken). The muscle tone is perfect for the pose and really stands out for that.
Heihachi 1/4 Scale Statue (Limited 300) – This statue is limited to 300 worldwide and was released just last month! At 1/4 scale, this masterfully detailed figure stands at 24 inches! That complete with the fabric gi he wears makes this one of the best limited statues I have ever seen.
Tekken 2 PSX Limited PAL Edition – Here’s an odd item… It’s a limited edition of Tekken 2 for the PS one which was made to celebrate the 10,000,000th European Playstation disc…… Now, I’ve looked around for some time to get more info on this. Is this the one and only 10,000,000th disc?? Or is there a bunch of them… it would make more sense if this was the only one and if that’s true; this is a crazy rare find.
12 Figure Set of 12″ Tekken Characters – This is a GREAT value. This lot of 12 figures from Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken 4 are selling for $130!! That’s a bit more than $10 each and these are high end 12″ figures. It’s a zero loss buy… period.
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  • Riku
    Jul 27, 2010

    “Tekken vs Street Fighter game as well as a Street Fighter vs Tekken”


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