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Tetris Attack Contest Prizes,Sketchy NWC Auctions,Milon’s Secret Castle Sample and More!

Seller dan_the_digger has an interesting auction up on eBay right now; a Super Rare Nintendo TETRIS ATTACK Jacket, Hat and Backpack contest prizes. We’ve featured the Tetris Attack jacket before in which there’s not too many out there, but we’ve never come across the backpak and hat. I’ve sent the seller (Dan) some questions about the auction since you can’t find any info on Google. Thanks to Dan for replying back with some great info. He says:

“Ok, from what I can remember the contest was held by Blockbuster Video in 1996. Every time you rented the game you where given a ticket. It had a scratch off piece game piece and the employee’s where keeping a board with the high scores of players. You told them your score and they would place it on the board, no real verification was done. It was more to generate interest in the game and increase rentals most likely. I did not have the highest score. As far as the prizes go it was just luck and the amount of times you rented the game. I rented it a lot and only won 3 times, I probably had 20+ tickets. As far as the prize levels I pretty sure the grand prize was the jacket, then there where other prizes such as the hat, back pack, and other items. I do not remember the other items thou. I do not know if all the Blockbusters had this contest or not.”

The jacket is a MV SPORT Denim jacket in a XL size. All the items are basically in brand new condition as you can see in the pictures.  They have been well taken care of. The sellers got one thing right; you won’t see an auction holding all three items again. Very cool auction and really a neat little piece of Nintendo history right here.

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Sketchy NWC Auctions:
Supposdely this new ebay account is claiming to be the winner of the Atlanta 11 and under group at the NWC 1990. Not like he has anything to prove this since the hat and vip pass was given to the contestants but bid as you’d like.

Auction 1
Auction 2

Good luck!

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