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The App for Video Game Action Figure Collectors

Action figure collectors have always searched for rare items at conventions and on the web. They mostly do their research on their own, and until now they’ve never had the ultimate tool for checking the most elusive action figures.

The Action Figure Collector by CollectorDASH is a checklist for action figure enthusiasts who want to keep a record of what they already have in their display cases, and what they wish to obtain in the future. The price list in this app gets updated regularly so collectors will never have to worry about making a bad deal with sellers.

As of this writing, the app’s database has over 50,000 action figures, and over 200,000 high-resolution photos. This is a pretty nice app that frees collectors from the burden of printing paper checklists whenever a new action figure comes out.

Once you get the app running, you will be able to immediately access the list of your own collection. You can add, edit, and search for figures in the app’s database. What’s neat is that if you’re in a toy store or you still keep the boxes of your figures, you can scan barcodes for easier storing of information. Collections are classified under different categories (video games, manufacturer, year of release, etc.) for easier browsing.

Apart from being one of the best action figure checklists out there, users can also read articles released by DASH Flash. Check out the screenshots below to get a glimpse of how the app works.

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Action Figure Collector is free but users can enjoy extra features by becoming a DASH Club member.

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