Japan Import Limited Edition Silent Hill Videos 1

The Art of Silent Hill Limited to 100

Back in 2001 Konami released the Art of Silent Hill DVD. The DVD would have trailers, marketing materials, music videos, art and other neat stuff from Silent Hill 1 & 2 on it. This collectors item was only released in Japan which makes it harder for North American collectors to acquire.

Seller “americanexrpess” is selling his copy of the Art of Silent Hill right now, and there is less than 20 hours for the auction!  It comes complete and in mint condition. He does claim that only 100 copies were produced and shows another auction that ended for $360 on Yahoo Japan Auctions here, but so far the price isn’t close to that and with the reserve up it looks like no one will be owning this limited DVD, but we’ll see in the final seconds.

The DVD has two music videos in the beginning, and a creature video which you can see on Youtube: Fukuro.  Included with the DVD is a poster of Fukuro, and if you don’t remember who that is it’s the female creature that rides on the back of a lying figure in the game.

Trailers included in this DVD are: TGS 2000 Autumn, TGS 2001 Spring, E3 2001, SH Opening, and SH2 Opening.

If you’re interested in bidding, the auction for the Art of Silent Hill is here.

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