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The Better Side of Virtual Boy – TV System, Games & Official 3-D Glasses

This is kinda funny; today I’m going to list a bunch of Virtual Boy items while intentionally excluding the Virtual Boy itself! You’ll soon see the reason why…

The unfortunate thing about Virtual Boy was that a lot of the games weren’t bad at all. The shabby technology of the system itself is what closed all doors to it’s future. There’s no need to give up there however. If you really want to play the Virtual Boy library pain-free, there are ways…

Remember looking through an issue of Nintendo Power in the mid-90’s and seeing crisp images of gameplay from the Virtual Boy? Well, this is where they came from. At first glance you may think that this is unofficial and is simply a boxed version of a heavily modded Virtual Boy… Not so, dear readers. If you look closely, you will see the Intelligent Systems logo on the back. Intelligent Systems is a Nintendo owned company. This is the real deal and is crazy rare. It’s been floating around the internet for some time now and is available on eBay (note: works on PAL TVs only): Nintendo Virtual Boy TV (Intelligent Systems)

If you’re going to go as far as buying the system above, why not buy a ton of games to play?

The system above only works on PAL TVs, but I believe it can play games of any region. If you’re a serious buyer, I recommend you contact the seller to be %100 sure. This auction of games is a collection of both US and Japanese games. 30 games in total is a lot considering the limited library Virtual Boy had. Keep in mind, most sellers are often open to counter-offers if you’re looking to buy at a lower price. This lot of games can be found on eBay: Virtual Boy Game Collection (30 Games)

When Virtual Boy was a big deal in gaming news before it was released, demos at gaming expos and conventions were often shown on TVs in the standard 3-D glasses type of 3-D of that age. This required viewers to wear a pair of 3-D glasses provided to them by Nintendo. I’m sure these demos looked wayyyy better than the final goggle version we all had to deal with…

I happened to spot an auction on eBay selling a pair of original cardboard 3-D glasses that were used at Shoshinkai / Spaceworld in 1994. These official Nintendo 3-D goggles would be used by putting them up to your eyes much like binoculars. It’s amazing that something like this has survived for so long. They can be found on eBay: Virtual Boy Shoshinkai 3D Goggles

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