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The Countdown to Wii Begins Watch Limited Edition of 200

Here’s a great item for Nintendo collectors; a limited edition Wii watch. This watch was only given to the press that were invited to Nintendo’s press conference in 2006 which was held in Europe. The press conference was held before the release of the Wii, and according to the seller only 200 of these watches were given out. I have found a couple of other sources on the net that confirm this number.

This is a stainless steel watch including the band, and there’s a small Wii logo that appears in the center of the blue face. You can see that the watch is wrapped around a small cushion, and comes in an official Nintendo Wii box that has the caption, “The countdown to Wii begins…” on it; collector material indeed!

These were available only in Europe, and the version this seller has is the “female” version. But I’ve seen the male version which is the exact same watch. Not sure what drew to that conclusion but nonetheless this is a unisex watch.

At $241 US or best-offer, this will set you back on your collecting habits for a while. 6 days left on auction. This is the 4th video game watch we featured in the past week but I swear to you we don’t have an obsession with watches!

The Countdown to Wii Begins Watch Auction

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  • Joseph
    Feb 28, 2011

    You guys ARE obsessed with watches 🙂 Hehe, JK. But it’s funny how it turns out that way, I end up buying a standee and finding a bunch of other ones!! Then I search the next day, and I find some more! Same basic principle I think.

  • Adam
    Mar 04, 2011


    I’m the seller of this watch, it’s the female version, due to the smaller watch face, as they did do one with a larger watch face which was the male version.

  • Riku
    Mar 04, 2011

    Hi Adam, welcome to the site!

    I overlooked the size, but you are right, the other source has a bigger face plate now that you’ve mentioned it. That’s pretty hard to spot, but I’m glad you shed some light on it.

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