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The Epic Final Fantasy VI Medley

I’m seeing more and more multi-talented musicians on Youtube. It’s quite impressive seeing someone who can play more than 2 instruments. I guess I am easily impressed since my musical ability is close to none. Anyhow, I stumbled upon this Youtuber by the name of Marc Papeghin – French Horn. Marc has created The Epic Final Fantasy VI Medley. It’s really one of the best videos put together by a fan. My favorite track is the The Airship Blackjack as I think this is the best song to represent the game. If you happen to have 12 minutes to spare, check out the video below:

Final Fantasy VI is also known as Final Fantasy 3 in N.America and is regarded as one of the best Final Fantasy games ever. So much was involved in making this game back in the early 90’s and was really impressive for its time. The story, the music, the graphics, I couldn’t find a fault with this game. Many RPGer’s say this was the game that made them like this genre of video games. I don’t blame them, but for me it was Mystic Quest that opened up my eyes to RPG’s, and then lead me to play Final Fantasy 2 which was one of my most memorable gaming experiences. Well, Final Fantasy is dead and I haven’t played any of them since Final Fantasy 10. Story mode just went completely off track with the “try-hard” approach. So, what’s left is the memories of the earlier games which we can live through by watching tributes to titles like this FF3 Medley…

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  • Kenji
    Mar 31, 2013

    He looks like my neighbor Dara.

    Pretty cool video here, you can appreciate when someone does a video like this.

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