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The Fable Trilogy – Sealed Games and Limited Controller

Since the announcement of the first game, the Fable series has been the king of hype (perhaps second to Halo lol). Countless interviews and sneak peeks at the gameplay trickle out of Lionhead Studios every time a new Fable game is on it’s way. The games have always held the same theme of choosing between good and evil. It’s a great idea because not only does that let the gamer feel more in control of their surroundings, but it adds great replay value. It’s easy to be evil but can be dark fun. Being good requires careful attention to what you are doing which ups the challenge quite a bit.

Here’s the first game which was released Sept 14th 2004. This copy is factory sealed and clearly in great shape. If this copy was submitted to the Video Game Authority for a rating, I would bet it would earn a 90. This sealed copy can be found on eBay through the link below:

Fable II added quite a bit to the game in terms of making choices. Not only was there the core of good and evil, but you also got choices on marriage and appearance (such as getting fat). This is a sealed copy of the limited¬†collectors edition. It’s up on eBay right now and can be found through the link below:

The recently released Fable III has been getting mixed reviews. Some call it overly simple (though the previous two were as well) and easy while others say it’s a charming fun experience. This sealed copy is the limited Collector’s edition.

The coin is such a great idea if you want to play the game like Two-Face from Batman lol. This great limited edition of the game can be found through the link below:

Fable III Limited Collector’s Edition (Sealed)

This official Fable III limited controller also comes with a token for an exclusive in-game tattoo set for your character. This is great because special edition controllers rarely come with anything else! You can check out the auction on eBay through the link below:

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