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The Fairchild Channel F Boxed, Blizzcon 2011 Goodie Bag, Marvel SDCC 2011 Cameras

Here are a few nice auctions I came across earlier today. The Blizzcon collectibles are always great auctions because so many people never got the chance to go themselves. On the other hand, the autographs that pour from every Blizzcon is lowering their value every year. This leaves the new collectibles to stand on their own and 2011 has one that really stands out…

Blizzcon 2011 Goodie Bag – Included in this huge bundle is the Mini Tyrael figure which is calling for huge prices all over eBay. In fact there are auctions for the Tyrael figure by itself for about %80 of the price of this entire auction.

Fairchild Channel F – One of the classic home consoles… and this one is still in it’s original box. It’s a decent buy for vintage collectors.

Parappa The Rapper Bling – I remember when Parappa the Rapper was a big deal. To this day, I say the original is better than any Guitar Hero Game.

Metal Gear Solid 2 Premium Package – Up for a good price, this gives MGS fans a chance to pick up something they missed.

X-Men Destiny SDCC 2011 Camera – I’m not quite sure how Marvel video games connect with cameras, but it’s a unique collectible.

Spider-Man Edge of Time SDCC 2011 Camera – The game wasn’t very well received, but this is still a nice collectible for Marvel readers.

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