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The Game & Watch “Holy Grail”

Back in 1987 Nintendo decided to set up a series of competitions in Japan where gamers would play a Disk System game and have their high scores faxed in to Nintendo headquarters. There were four of these competitions and each awarded winners with unique prizes.

In the first competition gamers played the Famicon Disk System’s Golf Japan Course. The prize was a gold Famicom Disk of the game that included a 19th hole unique to that version.

The second competition pitted gamers against each other again in the game of golf, but this time; Golf U.S. Course. The prize was once again a gold disk featuring a 19th hole. But, this time there was also a secondary prize of a gold Punch Out!! cartridge which featured different music and a slightly different look. The game also ends after Super Macho Man which leaves out Mike Tyson / Mr. Dream.

The third competition put gamers in the seat of F1 Grand Prix. The prize for this race is today’s featured item. A limited Super Mario Bros Game & Watch system. This set Japan on fire because there existed both Mario collectors and Game & Watch collectors. Everyone wanted this game…

The fourth competition dropped off a bit in terms of prizes. For playing Grand Prix II 3D, gamers were awarded with… an official Nintendo stationery set… (?). Oh well lol…

Well, here it is ladies and gentlemen… Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch:

The game was delivered (as were all prizes in these competitions) in a white box with a printed ribbon on the front. Inside each prize was protected inside a yellow plastic Disk-kun (the Famicom mascot).

Other items included were a letter from Nintendo thanking and congratulating you on playing. There was also a “license” which showed the name of the gamer, their score, and their rank amongst the other winners (there were about 6,000 winners by score).

Of all the prizes made for these competitions, this one is the most sought after. One of these sold in the past for $2,651! To get one you can call your own and add to your collection, follow the link below:

The Game & Watch Holy Grail – Limited Super Mario Bros. F1 Race Prize


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  • Riku
    Aug 01, 2010

    Nice post Akira! I always knew of this item, but didn’t know the details. Thanks for clearing that up for me :p

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