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The Legend of Zelda – 6/7 First 4 Figures Collection

First 4 Figures is a UK based company who specializes in limited resin figures of video game characters. Their Legend of Zelda collection is quickly selling out and spreading on eBay. But, it’s not too late… some of the figures are still available direct from First 4! All figures are from the N64 Zelda games.


Gorgon Tunic Link – This is the red tunic Link gets to deal with molten lava in Ocarina of Time. Variations of this are seen through the entire Zelda series. (Limited 1,250)

Zora Tunic Link – The blue tunic from Ocarina of time which allows Link to breathe underwater! This moment added all new depth to the game play (lol). (Limited 1,250)

Sheik – I don’t want to spoil anything for those who may not have played the N64 Zelda games yet… but Sheik holds a secret that changed history in the Zelda series. (Limited 2,500)

Skull Kid– This 2-part character was the core to the sequel to Ocarina of Time: Majora’s Mask. Any Zelda fan would love to add this lesser known character to their collection. (Limited 2,500)

Darunia– Leader of the Gorgons! Even though the Gorgons have little to do with the big story lines in the Zelda series, they have still somehow gained somewhat of a fan base. This figure is a testament to their popularity. (Limited 2,500)


Fierce Deity Link – This figure is now sold out, but luckily there is ONE available on eBay at this time. (Limited 2,500)

Ocarina of Time Link – This is the hardest one to find (Limited 2,500)… it has been sold out and nobody is selling it as far as I can see. If anyone reading this knows someone is selling one of these, please post a comment and I will add the link to this post. Happy hunting all!

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  • Riku
    Jul 18, 2010

    I’ve been meaning to start this collection and totally forgot all about it! But man, that Fierce Deity Link leaves a sour taste in my mouth….just look at how much it costs 🙁

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