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The Legend of Zelda – Gold Edition Items

First off, I would like to thank Kenji for the inspiration that lead me to find these items. Please see below or click here for his listing from today. In that post you will find gold copies of the first two Zelda games sealed. But, there are many more Zelda gold edition items out there and these are just a few of them…

Gold Link Statue (Club Nintendo UK Limited 3800) – This statue is listed on eBay as being limited to 5,000 but I happen to know it’s origin and know for a fact that it is limited to 3,800! It was a Club Nintendo prize in the UK for thousands of stars (known points, or coins in other regions). It’s crazy rare and has shown itself on eBay only a few times that I am aware of.

Gameboy SP Gold Edition (Includes Box and Minish Cap) – The box to this set is beautiful. It must have been painful for some gamers to pass this pass when it was on the shelves.

Nintendo DS Lite Gold Edition (Includes Box and Phantom Hourglass) – This gold DS comes with the original box which includes the Phantom Hourglass.

Ocarina of Time Gold Edition Sealed (VGA Rated 80) – Wow… Knowing how popular this game was before it was even released, I’m shocked to see sealed copies have survived.

Nintendo DS Gold Edition (System Only) – The same gold system as mentioned above. This one is boxed to hold the system on it’s own.

Nintendo 64 Gold Edition (Includes Gold Majora’s Mask and 2nd Controller!) – This is a GREAT deal… keep in mind the gold N64 controllers demand up to $50 by themselves!

The Legend of Zelda I & II Gold Edition (NES) – It’s not mentioned in the auction if these games come with the box, but the condition is perfect.

Phantom Hourglass Gold Nintendo DS Protective Case – This is the perfect choice to keep your DS clean and safe.

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  • Kenji
    Sep 01, 2010

    That Zelda statues at a reaaaaally good price.

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