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The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia, Skyrim Flag and Batman Statues

There are a few sellers in today’s listing who have a shrinking stock of the item up for auction. This happens when someone buys up a collectible with the intent of reselling for a profit, or when old stock for a store is found. Both examples can be found below. The first item up is going fast…

The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia – Another release connected to the 25th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda, this book is full of great information from the Zelda series. The book is Japanese, but the seller is shipping from the U.S. This is their second batch of books and all but 4 have been sold.

Neo Geo Pocket Color – This auction is closing today (or has already closed, depending on when you’re reading this. lol) and the current bid is quite low.

Doom SNES Sealed – Something funny about this auction… The sealed copy of Doom is actually selling for the exact same price that I paid when it was new! Game prices back then were very unpredictable. The seller started with a full box of sealed copies of Doom, but half have already sold.

Doom 3 Gamestop Jacket – The seller explains that these jackets were given to Gamestop stores that sold the most copies of Doom 3. Each store that won got 5 jackets but how many stores qualified is unknown.

Skyrim Flag – It’s tough to get an idea of the size of this by the picture, but it’s actually 60″ long! That’s pretty huge. Bids are adding up and the auction closes today.

Sharp Famicom Station – Here is a serious buy for a serious collector. It’s in great shape and intact. The seller doesn’t have the key to open the front however.

Batman Arkham City Statue – Another awesome release from Kotobukiya! I love the gray look and how they used the edge of the base as part of the sculpture itself. The seller started with 4, but there’s only 1 left.

Batman DC Universe Online Statue – This Batman statue doesn’t match the quality found in the one above, but it still looks great. It has an above average paint job that catches the eye. 

Donkey Kong Coloring & Activity Book – You can’t go wrong for $2. There is one page with a connect the dots picture partly done, but it’s otherwise left untouched. This auction closes today.

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