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The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap Limited Edition Box Set Sealed and Other Limited Nintendo Items

Plenty of limited and valuable items to look through today. Everything listed is Nintendo related but not all are licensed items. First up is a very limited Minish Cap release!

The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap Limited Edition Box Set Sealed – Only 300 released and this one is still sealed. The plastic is cut in a couple of places but still very hard to find as it is.

Diamond Trust of London DS Limited Edition – This game was created through Kickstarter success. $55 backers received one of 1000 of these limited edition copies of the game (though only 589 backers are counted on the Kickstarter page).

Arkanoid NES Sealed – It would be great to find this with the controller and box but this one is sealed as well.

Ni no Kuni Limited Wizard’s Edition – This edition of the game was sold out before it was actually declared sold out. Many people who pre-ordered it never got their Wizard’s Edition of the game and this is part of why it’s so valuable… The other part is that it’s awesome. 😉

Limited Donkey Kong Gamboy Advance SP Boxed – This version of the SP was limited to 1000. The box is in great shape as well.

Virtual Boy MOSAIC – Limited Edition – What is included in this special edition? A plastic tray to stand your Virtual Boy on! Yippee! Nice collector’s value though.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Limited Edition Soundtrack – Included in this incredible edition of the Ocarina of Time soundtrack is an ocarina replica and it was limited to 5000.

Super Mario 3D Land Figure Collection – A set of 4 import Super Mario 3D Land figures boxed.

Nintendo Power 100 Limited Edition Gold N64 Controller – One of the most sought-after N64 controllers once briefly available through Nintendo Power.

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Symphony ZREO Soundtrack – The seller doesn’t mention it but I believe this release was limited to 2000. This one is sealed.

Messiah Limited Edition Wireless NES Controllers – Lunch-boxed wireless NES controller and they were limited as well. On auction here is #379 of 5000.

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