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The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Scroll, Bioshock 2 Arcadia Bottle, Sealed Apple II Games

Today we have some very rare stuff priced in the thousands but don’t worry; there are a couple more auctions listed with starting bids at $0.99. You never know what you may be able to grab for a few bucks if you’re one of the few watching. First up however is an item known to widen the eyes of collectors all over the world…

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Scroll – One of the rarest and most impressive Zelda collectibles. Something worthy to be added to the center of any Zelda collection on the planet.

Bioshock 2 Arcadia Wine Bottle – This wine bottle was part of a very imaginative promo campaign for Bioshock 2 which left the world to discover the bottles holding posters without knowledge of what they would find. The bottles were scattered over 10 different beaches in the world and they have slowly made their way into the hands of collectors over the past couple years or so.

Mega Man Universe Headband – Here’s one of the more interesting promos for the now cancelled title Mega Man Universe. The game was to have the player switch out powers using other Capcom characters and this double sided headband really connects to that idea.

Nintendo Power Magazine Pin – A nice solid Nintendo Power pin. First bid in at $0.99.

Activision E3 2004 Shirt – It’s nice to see this to be a bit more than a simple t-shirt.

The Legend of Zelda Link to the Past with box and manual – The seller explains the auction is for the cartridge, box, and manual. But they have a picture of the manual for Super Mario All Stars/Super Mario World. And yet, there is another manual under that one… isn’t there? Strange. Anyway, first bid at $0.99

Lot of 8 Sealed Apple II Games – First bid prices these sealed games at less than $9 each.

Assassin’s Creed III Limited Statue – Many bids in on this awesome statue and the auction closes today.

Nintendo DS Limited Mew Edition – Here’s a nice auction submitted by one of our readers. Bids are in and the price is still low. Auction has a couple days left.

Arcade Classics Multicade – Nick sent this auction our way and it’s interesting because I’ve been thinking about finally getting a multi-cade. The design on this one really stands out from the average find.

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