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The Neverhood Klaymen Signed Original Art & Vectorman Ultra Concept Art

Some great original art to look through today. You’ll find some story boards for a Capcom animated series, concept art for an unreleased game, and a perfectly done portrait signed by artist and game creator Doug TenNapel. The autographs don’t stop there however; there’s a signed cart and a Mario plush below as well. First up is an original pen and ink portrait of Klaymen from The Neverhood.

The Neverhood Klaymen Original Art – There’s no mention of the size of this portrait but I’ll take a guess… maybe 20″x25″? Can’t say for sure without contacting the seller. It’s a one of a kind item for fans of a game that deserves a closer look by many. Signed by the mind behind The Neverhood (and Earthworm Jim), Doug TenNapel.

Earthworm Jim 2 SNES Signed Cart – Another item signed by TenNapel. The SNES version is the one I remember which makes this a cool find for me personally.

Half Life 2 Fragmat – This is no simple mouse pad. Great care and thought was put into the Fragmat design. If your mouse pad has ever messed you up while playing seriously online… you need to take a look.

Mario Plush Signed by Charles Martinet – The autograph by Charles Martinet (voice of Mario) being made on the plush itself is an odd choice considering the ink bleed but one with a signed tag is available here as well. The auction is for one or the other; the signed plush or the plush with the signed tag. If I had to pick, I would go for the signed tag.

Street Fighter Animated Series Episode 15 Story Boards – Over 100 pages here! This is quite a find but the price is something to be taken seriously. Can story boards for an animated series be obtained through a few calls and some connections being made? Possible. In the end, an offer is best even if by a message to the seller since the “make an offer” option isn’t open here at the moment.

Here is a listing for a collection of concept art for “Vectorman Ultra”. There were actually other pieces to the original collection but some have already sold. I remember something being said about a Playstation Vectorman game but I don’t remember a Sega Saturn game being talked about. Maybe I just shut out Sega too much in my research. :/

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  • Nick
    Jan 29, 2013

    I actually just bought the Klaymen art along with the JAP sealed Skullmonkeys game 🙂 I can’t wait for it all too come in.

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