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The Neverhood Promo Cap, World of Warcraft Retired Server Blade, Red Faction Armagedon Statue

Some of you PC gamers will find a couple of interesting auctions below and two of the items up for grabs were brought to our attention by two of our readers. The first one listed really got me thinking about buying but I know there’s a bigger fan of the Neverhood out there than me.

The Neverhood Promo Cap – Embroidered on the front and back. First bid is in at $10.

Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic Water Wizard Game – Original box included.

Red Faction Armageddon Press Promo – Given to the press. Average quality make and paint job but I don’t think I’ve seen one before.

Gears of War Marcus Fenix Bronze Statue – Limited to 1,000. Something wrong here though. No serial number listed and the seller has 2 auctions up for the same statue priced $50 apart. He also says, “Also comes in Platinum, you may inquire if you want it in Platinum”. Hmmm…

Club Nintendo Platinum Member Memorial Gold Mario – This dutiful seller closely points out loss of color on this gold statue. A very nice level of trust earned instantly.

Halo 4 Oversize Poster – This is a Walmart poster which measures about 5 feet tall.

Ultima Forever Quest of the Avatar Sealed Cards – Nice SDCC promo

World of Warcraft Retired Server Blade – Owning a physical piece of WoW which housed players for a long time is such a cool idea. Reminds me of the days when WoW was much much better than it is now…

Halo 4 T-Shirt – Size is small

Crysis 3 Long Poster – Lol, the seller rushed this auction so much they typed “Dead Space 3” in the description… Oh well 😛

House of the Dead 2 Poster – I bought this game on the Dreamcast and played it to death. Great poster on auction and thanks go to Jur for letting us know. Check out the other posters from this seller too.

Skyrim Limited Lithograph – Jacob spotted something pretty awesome. This is a limited print of 300 worldwide. There’s a week left but the bids are stacking up.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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