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The Panasonic Q

I’m sure many people have never heard of this machine. It was released only in Japan by Panasonic who retained the rights to produce their own game console using the Game Cube model that they helped Nintendo create (part of the contract). Seeing that Nintendo had decided to make a system that can’t play DVDs in a market where DVD playback was the new big thing (PS2 and XBOX), Panasonic made the Panasonic Q.

This beautiful system can play both DVDs and Game Cube games. Though the gaming specs of the console are identical to the Game Cube, the “Q” offers several audio enhancements that improve the sound of games and movies. The playback of DVDs is also reported to be very crisp and color accurate. There are two different versions of the Panasonic Q as well… the first generation could play Japanese DVDs and Japanese Game Cube games. The second release of the Q (several months after the first) can play all DVD regions as well as both Japanese and North American Game Cube games. Both of these versions have been found on eBay…

Panasonic Q (First Gen)

Panasonic Q (Second Gen) + 5 Games (JP)

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