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The Simpsons Xbox 360 Limited Edition Console

I’m pretty sure most of you have seen this in the past but I thought this auction was worth mentioning. This Simpsons Xbox 360 Console was created in celebration of “The Simpsons Movie”. The configuration was based on the Xbox 360 Premium package at the time. Only difference was the coloring of the system and controller. The way you would have had a chance at this Limited Edition Xbox 360 was through drawings that took place between July 18 2007 and July 27 2007. Names were drawn randomly each day in the “10 Days and 10 Chances to Win” sweepstakes.

Out of 100 Simpsons Xbox 360’s, 95 were distributed in the US, while the other 5 were given out in Europe. The auction here is for the PAL version. With already one bidder at $1,900, I’m curious if there will be any last second bids just because of how rare this Simpsons console is.

Seller says:

Hi everybody,before I start I must say sorry for my bad english.I want to sell my XBOX 360 Simpsons Edition Console.This Console is the Ultra Rare Pal Xbox 360 Simpsons Edition.It gives only 5 Pal XBOX 360 in the world.In 2007 goes 95 Simpsons Edition to USA and only 5 to EuropeThis is one of these.The Xbox is completely new.Never played or something.”

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