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The Sims 3 Crystal, Final Fantasy 1999 Mug, Little Samson Sealed

Good morning VGA readers. I’ve added some really cool auctions today, most if not all are “Buy it now” but they’re still worth taking a look. Most notably the sealed Little Samson which you won’t see too often. A lot of the auctions though are priced ridiculously high, either fueled by greed or spite. Never the less they are worth taking a look at and hey, why not submit an offer. Most of the times sellers price someone high but will sell it for A LOT less than they are willing to admit. I’ve submitted best offers and won them even at $1000+ savings. The Halo sealed VGA rated below is selling for $16,000. I don’t expect you to win it at $300 bucks, in those certain cases it’s not even worth the try.  What are your thoughts?


Video Game Auctions:

The Sims 3 Crystal Piece above head icon Brand New palm size

Ultra Rare Sealed Halo Combat Evolved VGA 85+

Little Samson; Factory Sealed

EXCITEBIKE European Version Sealed

Dragon’s Lair laserdisc game laser disc game

Wholesale Video Game Lot 823 Games

Nike x Playstation Air Trainer 1 LTD sz 11 BNIB

Final Fantasy X kotobukiya 1/6 – Character Set

Triple Triad Final Fantasy VIII COMPLETE

Moomba Mug Cup *Final Fantasy VIII *Tetsuya Nomura 1999

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  • kaliy
    May 03, 2012

    What does VGA 85+ mean? what make this halo so rare?

  • Akira
    May 03, 2012

    Kaliy, please check out

    VGA graded games have more value but not often more than a %15 increase as far as I have seen. Don’t pay more guys.

  • kaliy
    May 03, 2012

    Akira, thanks for the information. that makes this halo inadequately expensive

  • Riku
    May 04, 2012

    I think the answer that Kaliy is looking for isn’t the vga grader site since $18,000 doesn’t justify a bunch of grades on some website.

    The seller is banking on the fact that there are no sealed copies of the original Halo Xbox game on eBay,, and when you do see them pop up they get quite expensive (remember, Halo was quite revolutionary for FPSs in it’s time which means it’s not some other FPS game). Another added value is the fact that this isn’t the greatest hits copy or the “Over 100 million sold” copy. It’s simply the original US version/ first copies of the game. Somehow the seller believes it to be worth $18,000 which honestly its not and the seller knows this. It’s all probably more entertaining for him than anything. But I have to admit, I’d like my own copy (VGa graded on top of it) of the first Halo game ever made, and first FPS shooter by Microsoft (Xbox). I had so many memories with this game (as did ever other Xbox player).

    So all of that in a nutshell: Halo orignal copy + VGA = pricey (but definitely not $18k pricey).

  • kenji
    May 04, 2012

    It’s not a serious auction, shouldn’t be taken seriously. The price range should be $300-$600 if that.

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