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The Ultimate Game Cabinet

Many people have hosted or participated in live game tournaments. The set up is often a line-up of TVs on a long table or 4-5 on a round table but, this cabinet would be so much better than any of that.

game cabinet in use

The auction includes every system and every HD TV required to get the maximum use from the set up. One really cool feature is that once the doors are open, they function as screens between players to prevent unfair distractions from other players. This is clearly made for serious gaming and not a friendly night of CoD (not that it can’t be used for exactly that beautifully). I’ve thought about making a set up in my living room with a TV and console on each wall all connected to my network so that 4 people can play in the same room… but, this makes more sense and would require less space. Also, once closed, it can be easily stored in a corner somewhere because it’s on wheels.

If this is something you must have to start up tournaments at home or maybe in your business if you own a video game store, then you should check out the auction linked below. I would strongly recommend making an offer over the buy-it-now price. Since the TVs and game consoles are included, I would suggest $3000 or slightly more.

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