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The Ultimate Link Costume

In the world of cosplay, video game characters are a challenge. The difficulty at least triples when it comes to iconic characters like Mario or Link. Today I would like to show the various parts to what would be the ultimate Link costume. All-in-one Link costumes can be found (as you will see) but there always tends to be a few parts that don’t quite match the quality as other parts. The only way to get the best look is to target each part one by one…

Every part is important, but you don’t always need the exact detail. After all, when you’re wearing it, people will be looking at the whole picture and it’s the first impression that matters. The parts I have listed below, if worn together, would turn heads and get a few “wow”s at any gaming event guaranteed.

Cap & Tunic


This auction is for a full costume, but I’m ponting out the cap and tunic because they are more accurate than anything else I found. The leggings and undershirt are also good but the white color is very much the Ocarina of Time style Link. The Twilight Princess color scheme would be better suited for a quality Link costume (pale brown pants and shirt). The cap and tunic can be found here on eBay.

Sword & Shield


If you’re going to be Link, you need the best sword and shield. The above shown sword is made of stainless steel and the shield is made of a light weight fiberglass. The detail is absolutely perfect and the price is amazing. The sword and shield are available here on eBay.

The Bracers


These are hand crafted by a talented leather worker. The style of Link’s bracers have changed over the years, but when you look at these; you know who they belong to. The bracers can be found here on eBay.

Link’s Hair


This is optional, but if you want to go the distance, this is something you need. The only thing better would be if you can style your hair naturally to look like Link’s hair. This picture perfect wig is available here on eBay.



These are not easy to make a perfect match. But realize that the boots will only be taken at a glance. As long as they look right, nobody would notice any inconsistencies. These boots can be found here on eBay.

Chain mail


You may notice that Link wears protective chain mail under his cloth tunic. The above shown chain mail is real and hand made. The color is wrong, but gold or bronze spray paint could fix that really quick. This chain mail shirt is up here on eBay.

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