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The Ultimate Nintendo Power Collector Items From Howard Phillips

I am honored to say that we received an email from “The” Howard Phillips from Nintendo Power. For those of you who don’t know who he is Mr. Phillips explains it himself best:

My name is Howard Phillips and I was Nintendo’s original “Gamemaster” having worked at Nintendo from 1981 to 1991. During that time one of my many roles at Nintendo was Senior Editor of Nintendo Power magazine. As such I contributed many hours to making Nintendo Power as fun and exciting as possible. I was also featured in the magazine in comic form in “Howard & Nester”. Due to that unique level of involvement I was afforded a number of one-of-a-kind items which I am now offering to the serious Nintendo collector.“.

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Any kid growing up in the 90s who read Nintendo Power (who didn’t?) knows that name. I know I sure did and when I saw the auction that was submitted my jaw dropped. I really REALLY wish I had extra funds to purchase this incredible pieces of Nintendo history, I might even take a loan to get this I’m not kidding. How incredible would this be to have in your game room? I mean think about it how much closer can you get to the behind scenes at Nintendo Power. Now that Nintendo Power shut down their doors and the last issue being this December, these items will only grow massively in value. You should think of this as an amazing collector’s piece, but also as an investment as it’s truly One-of-a-kind! Thank you Mr.Phillips for the submission and for giving a collector a chance to own these wonderful pieces of Nintendo Power history.

Here’s a video from the 90’s of the King of Nintendo:


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I am going to send this auction out to a lot of people, and if you know someone who collects and would be interested send them to the auction. Check out the auction for more details, but here is what is being listed:


One-of-a-kind personal items;

  • The original “Press Check” for the very first Howard & Nester comic. After this press check sheet was reviewed to ensure the content and color was correct, it was framed by the Nintendo Power staff and given to me as a gift. This is the first print of the Howard & Nester comic.
  • The one and only print of the original “Farewell Howard” comic. This comic was never published. It was inked by the original artist, framed by the Nintendo Power team, and given to me as a parting gift when I left Nintendo. Beware: it contains  over-the-top-tongue-in-cheek humor not typical of the published comics. NOTE: THIS IS A HIGH-QUALITY PRINT (1 of 1), NOT THE ORIGINAL which I am keeping as a personal memento.
  • The original Howard and Nester Tetris block models used in the photo shoot for the Jan / Feb ’90 issue – An Adventure In Tetris World. The Howard block took a hit to the body sometime during the last 20 years and both could use a bit of (fimo?) finger repair. To my knowledge no other models used in production of the early issues of Power Magazine still exist today. I believe these are the only ones.
  • The original Nintendo Power Charter Member certificate certifying that Howard Phillips is a charter member in good standing in the Order of Nintendo Power. Subscribers to Nintendo Power received one of these certificates and so I did as well. To my knowledge this is the only certificate in existence certifying Howard Phillips as a charter member.

Nintendo Power Issues 1 through 50 plus other stuff from my Archives;

  • Nintendo Fun Club News – volumes 2-7 in near-mint condition (no address labels) – I’ve kept these archived in a storage box since leaving Nintendo in 1991 – I’ve temporarily misplaced volume 1 – if and when I find it in my Archives I’ll include it in the package. IF I CAN’T FIND IT, IT WILL NOT BE INCLUDED.
  • Nintendo Power magazines – volumes 1-25 – in near mint condition (no address labels) four issues (#10, 11, 12, & 14) are mint in the original sealed plastic bags –  I’ve kept these archived in a storage box since leaving Nintendo in 1991 – the first 25 issues encompass the entire run of the Howard & Nester Comics which ended when I left Nintendo in mid-1991.
  • Nintendo Power magazines – volumes 26-50 – in near mint condition (no address labels) –  I remained on the “special list” for a few years after leaving Nintendo and so I received these issues as well. I’ve kept these archived in a storage box since leaving Nintendo in 1991
  • *BONUS* Nintendo Power Player’s Guides – NES Game Atlas, Nintendo Game Boy, Mario Mania – in near mint condition (no address labels) – I’ve kept these archived in a storage box since leaving Nintendo in 1991
  • *BONUS* 1993 Nintendo Power Index – covers the first 50 issues of Nintendo Power detailing game coverage by section of the magazine
  • *BONUS* How to Play Super Mario – I edited this hint book while at Nintendo
  • *BONUS* The Legend of Zelda Tips and Tactics – I also edited this hint book while at Nintendo


Check out the auction here: The Ultimate Nintendo Power – Includes Special ONE-OF-A-KIND Collector Items


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