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Thor Aackerlund NWC Press Kit, Super Mario Sunshine Mousepad, The 3DO Content Library and More!

For those who have lived through the NWC years will probably know who Thor Aackerlund is. He won the Nintendo World Championships / most popular age category (12 through 17). Collectors who have fallen into the NWC craze will try to get everything they can from the event which includes items like this cool Nintendo World Championships Press Kit. Since the NWC, Thor has done many ads and TV spots which can still be seen today on YouTube. The NWC was a magical time and if you ever watched the ending of the movie “Wizard” can see what it was sort of like during the actual tourny (although the movie is more geared to showing off a Hollywood type atmosphere). Nonetheless, any original NWC item that appears on eBay always goes for a decent price. Check this auction out if you have a chance!

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Good luck!

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