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Tim Snider’s Venture II for the Atari 2600 – Limited 24

Venture was a classic arcade game that was ported on the Atari 2600 and Coleco and were both well received. With that age’s gamers now old enough to make games of their own, you now see classic style games pop up more and more. What I have to show today is not a download only Xbox Live game however… Someone by the name of Tim Snider who is a fan of the original Venture decided he wanted more from the game… so, he made a sequel! Actually, it’s just a hacked version of the first game but, by Atari 2600 standards, a modded game is enough to be called a sequel. This game was produced in very limited quantities (later produced by others in larger quantities). At the Classic Gaming Expo in 2001, this game was unleashed with 24 cartridges! The carts were boxed in beautiful hand made wooden treasure chests and numbered.

Venture II Open

The first 4 cartridges made weren’t in the official numbered series and were instead just test carts made while preparing for the final product. These four carts are nearly impossible to find. You can clearly see the difference because these 4 have Greek letters on the cart and the other 20 do not. The official numbered 20 have a classic polished look of an Atari game.

One of these 20 are up on eBay. Even though the auction description doesn’t mention what number this cartridge is, if you look closely at the above picture, it looks as though it says “CART# 02 of 20”. Either that, or it’s #04.

These cartridges, while unofficial, have created a lot of buzz in the Atari community and they are getting more valuable by the day. To become the new owner of this rare game, check out the following auction (the auction details mention this game being limited to 25, but it’s actually 24 if you include the un-numbered 4): Venture II Limited 24

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  • Riku
    Jan 27, 2011

    Very interesting. The guy did a GREAT job with the custom chest. Nice find

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