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Toad Musical Cookie Jar, $1000 Super Mario Towel, Zelda Calculator

I wanted to do a post today about the two most popular video game franchises, Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda. Although there wasn’t anything substantially rare, there are a few items of interests that you might consider bidding on.

I actually bought a few months ago a mint Super Mario Bros. 1989 towel that was never used. I haven’t seen one for a while and jumped on the opportunity to buy it! I finally found another Super Mario Bros. Towel, same one I have, but it costs $980 more than the towel I purchased, and this one was washed. The thing with this auction is that it includes the washrag. I’m not sure if adding the washrag increases the price significantly, but it’s still a nice sight to see.

$1000 Super Mario Bros. Towel Auction

Next is this Toad Cookie Jar. Now there isn’t too much info about these but I’ll show you a video that can help answer all your questions. As most merchandise, the cookie jars were part of a marketing campaign for Super Mario World. I haven’t seen too many on eBay, but I’ve seen Princess Peach, Mario, Yoshi and Toad(which is being featured).

Video and info comes from Nightram. Now whats the cool thing about these jars is that they are not only constructed of porcelain, but they play music! They play the Super Mario World theme.

Super Mario World Toad Musical Cookie Jar Auction

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Good luck!

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