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Todd Slater 1986 Gold Metroid and Mega Man Posters, Dead Space 2 Charity Auctions

Two months ago I posted Todd Slater Legend of Zelda Posters. Today, I am posting some more Limited Edition prints from the artist. For those who don’t know, Todd Slater is known for making beautiful poster art, all which are limited. It even got to a point where people join his mailing list just to purchase his new limited edition posters and resell them. If you go to his website, you’ll see that more than half of his work is already sold out.

This year Todd made limited edition prints for both Mega Man and Metroid.  There are three different versions; Red posters, Blue Posters, and the Gold posters. The red and blue posters were limited to 100 each, but the gold posters were limited to 10! The Metroid Posters are actually titled 1986, and the Mega Man posters are titled 1987. The posters have 3 color silkscreen and are serial numbered on a  rainbow foil hologram paper. I found two auctions with decent prices if you absolutely need one of these:

Metroid 1986 Gold Edition Poster – Limited to 10. $120
Mega Man 1987 Gold Edition Poster – Also limited to 10. $120
Set of Metroid & Mega Man Blue Poster – Limited to 100. There’s a best-offer.

Other Video Game Auctions:
Gameboy Advance SP Neon Wall Clock – one of the coolest wall clocks around.
Two Sided Mega Man Comic Promo Poster – Perfect door poster! Low price, bid!
Used Nintendo World Championship T-Shirt – this is not a reproduction as it’s the Hanes cotton shirt in white. Some light wear.
Star Wars Rebel Assault Promo Sampler – Promo disc with a bit of playtime(3 levels). Thanks ** jin!
Samus Phazon Suit Metroid Prime #0761 NIB – One of my favorite first4figures statues. New in box never taken out!

Dead Space 2 Charity Auctions for Japan
There’s too many to list, but here are the highlight auctions:
Dead Space Plasma Cutter Full Size Replica Signed – $560
Dead Space 2 “Dev Team” Hoodie Autographed – $152.50
Dead Space 2 X360 Collector Edition Signed – $365
Dead Space Extraction Original Script Autographed – $305

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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