Limited Edition Posters Signed The Legend Of Zelda

Todd Slater Legend of Zelda Posters Numbered and Signed

For some time now, a show called “Multiplier” is taking place at the 1988 Venice Gallery in Santa Monica California.   Thanks to our good friend Juarez for giving us the heads up on this show, right now there are Video Game themed art posters being shown at this gallery. On top of it all, they have a website where they are selling these posters which most of them are numbered differently(50,70), and are signed by the artist.

If you really want to buy the Overworld and Underworld posters, your only bet is on eBay. Auctions shown below:

Todd Slater MultiPlayer Underworld Zelda Print S/N Rare
Overworld and Under​world Set ZELDA Todd Slater Poster
Todd Slater Underground Overworld GOLD SET Zelda Prints“This is the ultra-limited GOLD VARIANT set limited to only SIX COPIES, hand numbered and signed by the artist”

If you are interested to see what else this Gallery has to offer, and trust me they have a lot, you can click here. They have posters ranging from Duck Hunt, Mario, Bowser, Bubble Bobble and Sam & Max posters. The down fall is that their USPS shipping method is unavailable for unknown reasons, so you can only do a “Pick-Up” which totally SUCKS! Anyone living around Santa Monica still has a crack at some decent posters that are left.

Thanks **Juarez!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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