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Tons of Rare N64 Controllers For Sale

Seller ddr2nite has a store up at the zetaboards N64 section which consists of only Nintendo 64 controllers. What was great about the N64 days was the innovation. Not only did Nintendo want to create something new with it’s system and gammes, but it also wanted to go beyond that into the accessories part of gaming, and they did just that.

If anyone is part of the “controllers” collectible world, you’ll know that N64 had it all! From grey to gold, from solid to transparent, and from DK to Pokemon, Nintendo released limited edition controllers to compliment their games. If you bought the game, “Ocarina of Time” Limited Edition, you wanted to also buy a gold N64 controller just because the cart was gold. For those who loved Donkey Kong, you wanted that controller with the banana cover. This was all part of the N64 experience and many gamers have bought into the craze of collecting these controllers which is why I am mentioning ddr2nite’s controller store.

Click here to visit the N64 Controller Store

Basically the seller has some really nice controllers for sale. He even has a rare Nintendo Power 100 controller! You probably noticed this is not an “auction-type” listing which is fine. We try to advertise collectibles from all corners of the web :). The seller has a good track record being around the community (Nintendo 64 Forever forums, NintendoAge, and N64 DD) for quite some time, so he has established some history. His store has more details so check it out!

N64 Massive Collection of Controllers

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