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Tons of Video Game Promos & One Giant GB Color Display!

I got a bunch of neat video game promos to share with you. Every gamer should love promo’s!….Why?….They’re for free(most of the time)!! Promos come in all shapes and sizes. First up is this massive PlayStation Promo LOT.

PSX Promos

PSX PromosPSX Promos

This lot is predominantly PlayStation with a couple of N64 promos. Man there’s a lot of promo VHS tapes. It’s too bad that in today’s age of technology you can’t really appreciate video game promo tapes. Maybe it’s where I live but you don’t see VHS players even at the pawn shops.

The opening price is very good so if you’re into this kind of stuff click here for Vintage Video Game Promo Display Super Lot **Thanks Stephen for the submission 🙂

Giant Game Boy Color Store Display

PSX Promos

Now I first took notice of this item over at Video Game Memorabilia Museum. It’s from Nightrams collection and you can see this GB Color Display in the middle of the pic on the table. It’s huge! I wanted one ever since I saw it.

However, this GB Color Display auction ended last week. I did not bid because there’s a sticker missing on the select button. Also, I am guessing the winner did not pay since the GB has been re-listed but with a “reserve” on it. IMO, when a seller does this it’s because the seller bid on his own auction(shill bidding) and wasn’t pleased with the price. I’m just speculating but from experience this is almost always the case.

If you’re interested click here for Game Boy Color GIANT Store Display ….beware…

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Good Luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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