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Trailer Load of Arcade Machines, Original Art, and Video Game Stamps

There’s a great auction up on eBay right now and the seller has no idea what they have. The story is that the seller owns a trailer storage rental business and they received a trailer back one day which was full of old arcade cabinets! To those who know how much these can go for individually once they are cleaned up, having this fall into your lap is enough to put dollar signs on your eyeballs while they shoot out of your head.

arcade trailer

Trailer Load of Arcade Machines – Now, how much would this lot be worth? Well, we can’t see every title but Pac-Man and Bubble Bobble are in there. If they work, they can easily bring in $400+ each. There are 24 cabinets total plus a bunch of spare parts. The trailer load is selling for $2,000! If you can get this to a warehouse in your name, this is a great buy. The seller is located about 60 miles east of New York City. If I didn’t live north of the border, I would have already moved on this one.

Here are a few more auctions for today…

Go Go Hypergrind Concept Art – Two auctions with original concept art are up. This auction is for some pieces for interiors.

Go Go Hypergrind Concept Art – The second auction is for a castle that was used in the background of one of the stages.

Heros of Video Games Stamps from France – There are some characters here you will know and one you probably wont… Adibou anyone? lol. He’s a character from French educational games I believe.

Early 80’s Video Game Stamp – I would love to receive a letter in the mail with one of these on it, but it’s good to see some survived without being used.

Video Games Attack Original Painting by Richard Hescox – This painting was made to be featured in Video Games magazine. Now just get a Pac-Man pattern frame for it and you’ve got some fine game room art to hang.

Olympics Atari Pin – The year isn’t marked on the pin, but it’s likely something overlooked by many pin collectors.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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  • Riku
    Dec 28, 2011

    Amazing finds Akira! I just sent the arcade auction to Elio. I’d like to see what he says lol.

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