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Tron – Games & Movie Memorabilia (Past, Present, and Future)

From video games, to movies, to toys, to artwork… Tron is a juggernaut of entertainment. Those who follow Tron as closely as Trekkies (or Trekkers) follow Star Trek were blown away when first word of a new Tron movie was whispered. I myself am very much looking forward to it. In fact, I haven’t seen the original movie since I played my VHS copy to death lol. Today we have 3 types of Tron collectibles: Games, items from the 1982 movie, and items from the new movie.


TRON Stand-UP Arcade – Original Coin-op Video Game

Tron Cocktail Table Arcade

Tron Cabaret Mini Arcade

Tron Tomy Game

Atari 2600 Tron: Deadly Discs VGA 85

Tron Board Game (Sealed)


–TRON (1982 Movie)–

1SH Original Poster

Giclee Print – Last Man Standing (Limited 82)

Framed Film Cells (Limited 2,500)

The Story of Tron (Soundtrack) Sealed LP

Original Press Kit


–Tron Legacy–

Comic Con Promo Lot (Ticket, Glow Stick, Arcade Tokens, Holo Card, Coaster, Postcard, Magazine)

Comic Con Figures & Promo Lot

Comic Con Limited Laser Cell

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