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Tron Legacy Limited Poster, PS1 Pamphlets, The Making of Halo DVD

The other day I decided to watch Tron Legacy again. Has this movie been forgotten? Seems that way to me. This question came to mind while I watched the movie because, in my opinion, the movie is awesome and I haven’t heard anything since it was released. Hopes for a 3rd Tron movie began to stir in my mind and I decided to check out some random Tron auctions. There’s plenty more here to check out of course, but first…

Tron Legacy Limited Poster – Very nice 18×27 limited edition poster. The seller has a few left.

Tron Evolution T-Shirt – Anyone ever play through the game to the end? I did! Damn it’s repetitive. Still, nice bridge from the original Tron to Legacy.

Dragon Quest Erdick’s Sword Display – Seller exclaims this is their last one! With three exclamation points no less.

Boxed Fairchild Channel F – Seriously nice condition here. Four days left on this auction.

Vintage Pac-Man Place-mats – Couple of place-mats. Cool but not much to mention here except a curious brown stain.

Stunt Race FX Pin – Back from the SNES Super FX chip days.

Orcs Must Die Comic #0 Signed by Bart Tiongson – From SDCC 2011 and signed by artist Bart Tiongson.

Pac-Man Pin Sealed – Expected rough condition on the card.

Ms. Pac-Man Pin Sealed – Unexpected rough condition on the card.

Namco Girls Sophitia Figure Sealed – The seller offers to remove the sticker from the front which is a nice nod to the need.

Donkey Kong Country Watch Sealed – Not a game watch and embarrassing as hell to wear in public but don’t worry; this one is factory sealed.

Playstation 1 Pamphlets – Two in this auction. Rough around the edges though.

The Making of Halo DVD – This has got to be worth checking out. The box insert looks fake but to date I’ve only really seen shots of the disc so I can’t confirm. A random curiosity from the early days of Halo.

Game Boy Advance Sign – A quarter-inch thick but should be pretty light considering the Velcro on the back.

Star Wars Episode I Racers Standee – Ah, the bold new days of N64…. an Episode I video game… I admit, I want this and may buy it if you guys don’t.

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