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Tron – Original Arcade, Tokens, Shoes, Figures, Signed Identity Disc & Posters

Tron Legacy was recently released on DVD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, etc, etc lol. Even though the movie got a few bad reviews, I’m sure the fans can understand that people who really don’t get the idea behind Tron probably wouldn’t enjoy the movie. There’s no reason to defend the movie because it stands on it’s own power for the fans the same way the original has for so long. Recently I watched Tron Legacy in 3D and was very amazed with what they did. For those who haven’t seen it in 3D yet, the cool idea they had was to put the movie into full deep 3D only in the digital world. It’s kinda like the Wizard of Oz that starts out in black and white and then once in Oz, it goes to color.

With the store release of Tron Legacy, eBay has begun to buzz with Tron items. Here are just a few…

Identity Disc signed by Jeff Bridges

Tron Legacy Identity Disc Signed by Jeff Bridges – This Identity Disc has been signed by Jeff Bridges himself. Bridges is basically the core of the Tron series with his great character Kevin Flynn. There are other discs of this kind that have been signed that are also on eBay, but this one includes the original packaging for the disc and is at a lower price than the others.

Some more Tron items going on eBay…

2,000 Flynn’s Arcade Tokens – These promo tokens were going for a lot before the movie was released and showhow this seller has collected up 2,000 of them!

Tron Original Arcade – You can’t talk about Tron without featuring this item. This original arcade is in great and working condition.

Vans Tron Legacy Shoes – These limited edition Vans shoes show off a great Tron style. Size is Men’s 11.

Kevin Flynn Poster Signed by Jeff Bridges – Here’s another item signed by Jeff Bridges. The price is questionable but the seller is taking offers.

Flynn Lives Poster Signed by Authors – This poster has been signed by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz who are the authors of the Tron Legacy screenplay.

Daft Punk Guy-Manuel & Thomas Medicom Figures Pre-Order – This isn’t an auction, but a notice for those who don’t know. There are a pair of limited figures that will be released in July of Daft Punk as they looked in the movie Tron Legacy. This is an amazing set for fans of Tron and Daft Punk alike.

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