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Twilight Princess Keychains, Atari Patches, and Promos

The first auction I want to feature is The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess limited keychains. Now by limited I don’t mean there’s only 100 made in the world. It just that not many of these were made(ltd run). They were an instant sell out in Japan and now when you see the same keychains on Yahoo Japan the price tends to be around the same as the auction here(or sometimes lower).

Zelda Keychains

To be honest I haven’t really searched for these keychains recently so I am not sure exactly the price quote on these baby’s. But I sure do like em :)….. There is however a mix emotions from collectors; some love these keychains, some actually hate the “cheap” look of it. Well, as long as they are official it’s a-o-k in my books. This is your chance to grab a rare Twilight Princess collectible.

What you’ll be getting is the whole set which consists of:

– Iron Boots
– Hawkeye
– Ball & Chain
– Slingshot
– Hero’s Bow
– Master Sword & Scabbard
– Hylian Shield

If you’re interested, click here for The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Keychains

Other Video Game Auctions:
I really like this Classic Super Mario Wii Poster – You even have the full 1-1 world level on the back side!

Atari Patch Lot Patches 10 Patches – vintage! Auction has best-offer

Soul Calibur 3 Promo T-Shirt – $0.99! Also check out his other $0.99 video game auctions here!

Super Mario 64 Nintendo original soundtrack – If you don’t own this soundtrack and you loved SM64 then what are you waiting for? Great price! 🙂

Rock Band Trucker Promo Hat – I know how much Akira of VGA loves Rock Band so I put this up

Killzone 3 Promo T-Shirt E3

Legend of Legaia PlayStation Promo Disc – any RPG promo disc collectors out there?

GTA Vice City Sizzle Stick Drink Stirrer Promo – me like!

Good Luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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